professional experience

More than 30years experience in producing and developing in the field of fiberboards, especially leatherboard.
Experience in machines and special modification of this kind of machines.
Shoe industry : formulations for insoles, outsoles, welting, lining, counters, upper, heal board and technical advice.
Belt industry : formulations for all kinds of belt-material and engineering use.
Formulations for all thickness, starting from 0,25mm to 6,0mm.
Experience in online system and batch system for Latex, but also in Latex free formulations (synthetic binder).
Experience in developing material for automotive industry (also chrome free, perfect aging conditions, low fogging, .. ).
Leatherboard from chrome free formulations (free of heavy metal), up to 100% chrome fiber.
World wide experience and contacts (Europe, Turkey, China, South America, …. )
4 patents for Leatherboard.
Experience in 3D moulding leatherboard (thermomoulding).
30 years experience as an exhibitor on all important shoe fairs in the world (Lineapelle, Fimec, Aysaf, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and so on).